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Good quality QD-T series for sales
Good quality QD-T series for sales
good quality and after assembled,the gym looks very nice,we are evaluating the project for this year and will continue to purchase from you.

—— Manuel-Spain

The machines look very nice and great,even though the russia economy is tough now,but we will continue to buy from your company for our winter gym

—— Global Sport-Russia

the machines are good and thanks for your 3D design for our gym,it looks very nice,competitive prices and good quality.

—— Vikaishavsing Napaul-mauritius

good quality and competitive prices,Halking is very easy going and professional in fitness industry,our company will continue to buy from you,thanks

—— sharwinconstructions-india

Hi,i am Mihai Andrei from Romania and it is not so easy for us to open the 500sqm gym,thanks for Qido and Halking's professionality and help

—— Mihai Andrei

machines reached and assembled the gym,which reach our expectations,thank you and looking forward to buying again for our new gym.

—— Earl-india

Hello Halking,i feel so sorry that finally i never bought from china,but your service and professionality have made me deep impressive.

—— Shabir-india

We ordered complete gym equipments from Qido Last year for our commercial gym,very good quality and competitive prices,we are opening a bigger one

—— Dar AlQudrah Company LTD

I placed the order of gym equipments to Qido Fitness company within 2 hours,good communication and received the equipments,they look very nice

—— Ali Jawad Bhimani

Just placed the order to Qido Fitness and look forward to getting the goods as soon as possible,if quality is good,i will place a bigger order soon

—— Rose-Ghana

Just placed the order of 5 self generating power treadmills from Qido Fitness,Hope to receive them soon,Mr.Halking is very professional

—— Activ8 Health Club

Ordered more than 35000usd gym equipments from Qido Fitness,they just shipped and i can't wait the machine coming,Mr.Halking is very professional

—— Moad Ali-Libya

Placed the order to Qido fitness for one month,waiting the LED lights to load container with gym equipments,can't wait and the quality is great

—— Aaron Lee

Qido Fitness just shipped the goods to our warehouse in Guangzhou,i am planning to order more equipments for my gym this year,good quality

—— Ontime Cargo(UAE)

Last year purchased 40HQ home gym equipments from Qido Fitness,very good quality,am going to place the next order soon

—— Prachi-india

My gym was very urgent needed the equipments,Thanks for fast delivery,machines look great and perform very well. Waiting to do business again

—— Baptiste Moreau-France

Even though my gym plan was cancelled finally,but still very thanks for the great service from Halking Good luck

—— Mr.Alex-Zambia

I ordered 1*40HQ container gym equipments from Qido Fitness,very fast delivery and great service. I am going to open another branch.

—— mouhamad melhem(Lebanon)

Second order,very ontime delivery and good service. We are going to purchase the rest cardio machines from your company.

—— Dar AlQudrah Company LTD

Third order given to Qido Fitness,great quality and great company

—— Rose-Ghana

I am from Bostwana,just purchased some gym equipments from Qido Fitness,we are going to buy more at the end of Augest,2018,great company and service


I am from UK and purchased equipments for my father's gym. Very nice equipments and good quality,waiting to do business again

—— Mr. kam ramgoolam

Qido is a great company and Halking is a nice guy. First order completed and looking forward to the second order placed to qido fitness company. excellent quality and great service

—— Mitesh Visaria-Kenya

Even though the fitness accessories i didn't buy from qido fitness,but i am sure for the heavy machines we will buy from them,such as treadmills,strengths,exercise bikes and ellipticals etc. Until now,Halking is a good guy and hope to take that machines and see their quality

—— Puneet Walia-UK

We are big gym equipments distributor all across America,samples ordered from qido fitness received. Very good quality and looking to buy more in the near future

—— Southern Gym Supply(USA)

Halking i want to say sorry to you as you have been waiting for so long for my order. due to my loan not approved by the bank,so i cancelled this purchase. We will keep in touch with you and we will definitely buy from you as you are very impressive for me. Thank you very much

—— Ben Tobedza-Bostwana

Halking,20pcs curved treadmills received,very excellent quality and waiting to buy more later. Thanks for great service and professionalism

—— Kevin Aka-Mexico

Hello Halking,i want to ask is your commercial treadmill great wall motor possible to change to MITSUBISHI? If so what price for QD-601,QD-GT7 series and QD-990 series,i need 24 pcs Waiting your reply

—— Florentino Otero Rodriguez(UK)

Placed the second order to qido,i am very satisfied with the first order


just placed a test order to qido and looking forward to receiving the equipments

—— powersquare club

Just ordered some cardio equipments from Qido,i can't wait their coming If quality is good,i will buy more

—— Gym Club Provence France

Qido just shipped some strength equipments and i can't wait to receive them,if quality is good,i will buy more

—— ginásio Jéssica-Mozambique

We just bought some fitness accessories from Halking and we are waiting order delivery. This is only a sample order to test the quality,if it is good quality,we will place a large order. Halking is a nice guy and thanks for his excellent service


We are from Mexico,one month ago ordered some gym equipments from Qido and they just shipped yesterday,we can't wait to see the equipments,if quality is good,we will buy more


I am from USA and ordered some gym equipments from Qido,will ship during July,if the quality is great,i will order more

—— Jimmy Sanders(USA)

second order and ordered some kettlebells and hex dumbbells,waiting to get the goods.

—— powersquare club

I am from Palestine,and this month i ordered some gym equipments from qido fitness and waiting them to be delivered to shanghai and loading container with other items i can't wait,if quality is good and i will buy more

—— Mohammed Gendia-Palestine

Placed order for one 20ft container gym equipments to Qido for almost 20 days. They are ready to ship soon and can't wait to get the goods installed at my gym.

—— Neto-Mozambique

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Company News
china latest news about 动感单车利弊点有哪些?您知道吗?


[2015-08-24 18:37:38]
动感单车利弊点有哪些?您知道吗? 动感单车利弊点有哪些?您知道吗? 动感单车(自行车)英文名字(SPINNING),是由美国私人教练兼极限运动员JOHNNYG于二 十世纪八十年代首创,是一种结合了音乐、视觉效果等独特的充满活力的室内自行车训练课 程。动感单车在克服了室外行驶的一切缺点后,由于技术上的改进,使得这项运动在简单易 学之余,成为一项能够使全身得到锻炼的有氧运动.15到50岁的人都适合。但是由于绚丽灯 光和分贝较高的音乐,目前选择动感单车的人士集中在20到35岁之间,大多为年轻白领。动 感单车运动后会消耗很多的能量,出很多的汗。同时还增强你的腿部的力量,美化下肢形 体。 动感单车的好处... Read More
china latest news about 如何选购健身器材?


[2015-08-24 18:36:36]
如何选购健身器材? 现如今越来越多的人因为白天工作,闲暇之余没有时间去健身,往往会选择购买健身器材 在家里锻炼。因此如何选购健身器材已成为大家关注的问题,下面简单介绍选购跑步机的 要点。 首先,明确多功能健身产品的使用效果。应该具备一两种功能的产品,如想锻炼臂部 肌肉就选臂力器,想锻炼腰腹部和腿部就选健骑机或健腹轮等。至于想进行全身性、综合 性的锻炼,除了选择去专业健身房,可以辅助有规律的室外器械锻炼。    其次,考虑居住环境与居住条件。一个适合自己家庭氛围和居住条件的器材,才会提 升生活品质。一般来说,单一功能的健身器占地较小,一些功能比较多的健身器在家中使 用时,有些功能由于空间的限制,... Read More
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